pretty good


#1 Curious

You will only receive targeted assistance at the time that it is entirely clear what your wishes and needs are. We are curious by nature, we get energy from getting to know people and we ask you the question behind the question.  

#2 Attention

We enter into an intensive collaboration. Collecting documents, a bit of sparring, discussing new questions that arise and a continuous steam of updates. We at Klår are the professional party within our partnership and therefore we always accept the responsibility that goes along with that. But regardless of the difference our role and yours: we do it together and we know where to find each other.  

#3 Clear

Knowing that you are getting the best. We narrow down the options to the essence and we lay out the various scenarios in clear language. Therefore, you always know what you can expect. We operate independently of the lenders with whom we arrange our financing: you are our client and therefore your interests are paramount. 

#4 Expertise

We have experienced advisors with an extensive and successful track record in the financial services industry. We have experienced fiscal regime changes; seen rental prices rise, fall and rise again; seen market parties come and go. So yes, it might seem like a strange thing to say about yourself, but we know the ropes. In addition, we of course have all of the required certifications and we constantly stay up to date by means of training courses, professional literature and so on.    

 #5 Result  

You get the benefit of a partner that does what he/she says. We only recommend solutions that we ourselves find responsible and we therefor stand by those solutions – towards you, but also towards the lenders. That means that we sometimes must conduct frank discussions. We do not choose for the path of least resistance, but rather what is in your best interest. We are only satisfied with the result if you can be too.