are you an expat and are you

here to stay?

mortgages for expats

We are happy to help you arrange your mortgage and we have an extensive network of service providers that, like us, understand that things are sometimes somewhat less obvious when you did not grow up here.

Generally speaking – just to brag a bit – everything here is quite well organised. But even so, it is still handy if you can check your expectations and second thoughts with someone.

Maximum loan? impact 30% ruling?

No request is too much for us and we are here to help. Click on the menu below to learn how we work and what we can do for you or click here for a quick overview of our services and prices. We (and the same applies for our business partners) have a long track record of providing services to expats and, in addition to your mortgage advisor, we therefore would also like to be your financial hub in the Netherlands.

We are happy with your business and we would love to meet you!


we look forward to hearing from you!