do you want to



do you have experience with investing

If you have experience with investing in financial products (such as shares and mutual funds) on the stock market and would you like to expand your investments to include direct investments in real estate or Dutch small and medium enterprises (SMEs), we can help you with this.

Thanks to its years of experience in the area of real estate and asset management, Klår Finance has built up a valuable network.



purchasing real estate

If you like to purchase real estate (alone or with a group of friends with the goal of redeveloping the location or with the goal of leasing, you can call on us to find suitable financing. With our network and experience we are strong in presenting the case to various financers in the market. Initially, we look at a bank loan. If this is not among the possibilities, a loan from private investors is an alternative solution.

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our network offers us opportunities

Our network offers us opportunities and propositions not available to the regular market. Together with our clients, we look at whether they obtain ownership of real estate or a stake in a small or medium enterprise, ether the financing of real estate investors or small and medium enterprises. Below, you will find an idea of what we can do for you in this area.



equity interest SME

Together with our investors, we strive to achieve a balanced mix of various interests in small and medium enterprises. We receive many investment propositions from our network. Together with our professional investors, we select the parties that qualify for a follow-up phase. After successfully completing an extensive due diligence process, if applicable, we can decide to commence acquisition with our investment fund.

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Outside capital

mortgage securities

If you want exposure to real estate, but preferably not ownership, then financing is an option. Together with investors, we offer the option to finance real estate for a specific duration. The equity of the investors will be bundled in a foundation that will then lend the money secured by a mortgage. We already have many years of experience with structuring these types of propositions. We distinguish between the following:

Leased real estate:

1.      The maximum loan totals 75% of the value when fully leased

2.      Mortgage collateral, in addition rent will be pledged

3.      Indicative interest rate: increasing to 5.5% per year (to be paid annually in advance)

4.      Duration approximately 3–5 years

5.      Participation possible starting at EUR 25,000.

New construction:

1.      The loan will total a maximum of 90% of the costs and maximum 90% of the value

2.      Mortgage collateral

3.      Duration approximately 12 months

4.      Indicative interest: rising to 0.75% per month

5.      Participation possible starting at EUR 25,000

Outside capital

Project financing - Working capital SME

It is generally known that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot easily obtain financing from a bank. In many cases, banks do not focus on or are not geared towards serving this target group. Together with investors, we pool resources in a foundation that is geared towards investments within this asset allocation. We always look at securities in the form of real estate or inventories or receivables. After an extensive due diligence, the foundation offers a loan in which the risk and return are in balance. The return is often between 8% and 10% per year.

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