custom advice


the mortgage:

For most people, the major item in your financial management and most likely the largest debt you have ever entered into. It is also the big bag of money that makes purchasing your home possible. Enough reason, therefore, to ensure that everything is arranged as effectively as possible.

At Klår, we have years of experience with this. Together with you, we will put together your mortgage in a way that is best suited to your situation and needs and we will then select a suitable lender. In principle, this will be a bank, but if that is not successful, we will also look at private financers. We are 100% independent, therefore we work solely with your best interests in mind.  

whether or not you already have a mortgage

No matter whether or not you already have a mortgage and regardless of what your question is about that: we are happy to think along with you!  

Below, you will find a brief description of how we work. Perhaps it is good to mention here: throughout the entire process, you can always come to us with your questions. Even after you have been to the civil-law notary and our work is finished for the most part, if you have questions or need any clarifications, you can come to us. We want everything to be clear just as much as you do… 


working method

  1. Making acquaintance: During our initial meeting, we take the time to get to know you and to discuss what we can do for you.         

  2. Inventory: We ask questions – a lot of questions – to get to the heart of your needs and the possibilities. We lay out our findings for you on paper (the advice) and determine the strategy and subsequent steps together with you.

  3. Presentation: We collect the required documents and present your specific situation to various lenders. You will most likely quickly receive a quotation from one of these lenders that we will discuss with you. As soon as the differences become clear, we will finalise the financing.

  4. Realisation: We are the conduit between you, the lender, civil-law notary, insurer and appraiser and we guarantee a high-quality and efficient process until the financing is fully finalised.

The above-mentioned process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks (don’t worry: it can also go more quickly). During this period, we will send you regular reports in which we will fully inform you of the progress of your financing application.

does that sound good?

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