Mortgages for private individuals 2018


Advice and mediation during purchase (starter) EUR 2,250 

Advice and mediation during purchase (existing homeowner) EUR 3,000 

Advice and mediation during switching EUR 2,750

Advice and mediation during extension / increase EUR 1,750 

Advice and mediation for entrepreneurs (one entity + sole owner) the aforementioned + EUR 250*

Advice and mediation for entrepreneurs (other) the aforementioned + EUR 500*

Advice and mediation when income is not in euro currency the aforementioned + EUR 500

Buy-to-let mortgage EUR 3,500 

Mediation with private mortgages (bridging) upon request, minimum EUR 3,500 

Mortgages / financing commercial (SME, real estate) upon request, minimum EUR 5000 

Costs of appraiser, civil-law notary, service provider, and so on will be at the buyer’s expense and/or will be charged on. 

* Please note that an increasing number of lenders oblige the use of an accredited third party income assessor. These costs come in addition of our fee!

We also accept payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Please ask for the conditions if you want to pay with crypto.

NB: our fee is a success fee! If no transaction takes place, our invoice lapses.



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