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Over the years, we have all seen that increasing amounts of pressure have been placed on buyers as a result of the pressure on the housing market. Overbidding, no financing reservation included, very big decisions that you must take in a short time. If you have little or no experience with buying and financing a home, the entire process can be rather nerve-racking to say the least.  

Klår was founded by Peter Geurts and Jochem Bertens, two experienced consultants with expertise in mortgages, alternative forms of financing and investments. Two consultants that also like to do things just a bit differently.

We believe

We believe that buying a house, as well as arranging the financing, should actually be fun for everyone, or at least not annoying.

We think

We think that this begins with clearly explaining things work and what you can expect. Taking time to ask questions, providing an honest presentation of the possibilities and ensuring that everything is handled properly within the agreed upon time. Obviously we cannot change the current real estate market, but we can do our best to properly arrange the financing relating to your purchase and to make the entire process a bit more relaxed. And that is precisely what we are going to do: ensure that you don’t lie awake at night worrying about financial concerns and we ensure that attention is not only paid to the numbers, but also to you.  

We do

We arrange it for you. Your mortgage, your alternative financing or your investment. Klår: clear, effective, relaxed.

welcome to klår!

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