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Do you have questions about a mortgage?

Do you want to buy a home or are you curious about whether your current mortgage is still up to date? Would you simply like to spar over an idea or about your possibilities? Are you a professional, creative, entrepreneur or expat? Do you need just that little extra bit of attention because you are too busy to immerse yourself, because your situation deviates from the standard or because you do not have an affinity for financial matters?

Have your concerns taken out of your hands

You are looking for an organisation to whom you aren’t just a number, but rather where personal attention is the standard. You are looking for a place where you can go to test your own needs and ideas with experienced people that know their way without fail in the world of mortgages and financing. Or perhaps you are someone that doesn’t even fit in this category, but that just wants to receive pleasant and sensible help with his/her financing issue.

Drop by for a cup of coffee

We would be happy to take the time to meet you, even if you do not yet have a concrete need for financing. To schedule a (non-obligation) appointment, go to contact and you will hear from us! 

PS Would you actually like to lend money rather than borrow it? If so, be sure to take a look at our page Investing!

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